Monday, April 21, 2014

Heading Outside for Spring...

Spring is a GREAT time to take your homeschooling outside! Things are in bloom, insects and little critters are coming out of wherever they’ve been during the cold winter months, and let’s be honest…when things start to warm up outside, sometimes we just simply want to go out and feel the sunshine, right?

My boys love all things science and nature, and being outside is perfect for those subjects. Sometimes we plan ahead for our outdoor fun. We know ahead of time that we want to study nonliving and living things, or specific plants. Other times, we just head outside and see where the day takes us.

Occasionally, with the beautiful spring sunshine, comes rain showers or not so beautiful allergies, lol. When that happens, and we can’t head outside, we make the most out of studying science and nature indoors. How? Lots of technology! Watching documentaries on Netflix, instructional videos on YouTube, or maybe even nature games online.

Do you find yourselves heading outside when the weather gets warmer? I’d love to hear about some of the fun things you do to ring in the spring. :)