Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It’s been a long hard cold winter. Did I tell you I hate winter? I hate the snow. I hate the ice. I really hate the cold. This morning I looked out the window and I saw a bird fly by. A bird, that’s encouraging. Then I saw a tiny green bud on the end of a branch on the bush in front of my window. Then a second and a third. There really are signs of warm weather coming.

We’ve been cooped up inside for so long now. Finally we can go outside without ten layers of clothes on. No more hats and scarves and gloves. Just a jacket and we are good to go.

I think one of the best things about spring is that we will no longer have piles of wet clothes in the bathroom. My son will go outside for ten minutes and then come in because it is too cold. But that ten minutes is enough to get him soaking wet. So off come all the layers of clothes and he pulls on dry ones. Then an hour later he decides to go back outside. But of course he is back in the house ten minutes later. Again he is soaking wet and needs another complete change of clothes. He doesn’t own 25 pairs of pants so I now have to do extra loads of laundry. Every towel bar and the shower bar have wet clothes hanging to dry. With the warmer weather, there will still be wet clothes in the bathroom because he will insist that it is not raining when it really is. But at least it won’t be so many layers. And it won’t be every day.

I’m really glad it’s spring. I’m glad the temperatures are getting warmer. I think we’ll go outside and play.

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