Friday, July 1, 2011

Gods And Goddesses

The other day my son came out of his bedroom and asked me if Zeus and Posiden were brothers. I told him that I didn’t know but we could check it out. So of course I went online to check these things out. I found a really cool lapbook on Ancient Greece. So I printed everything out for it. I also went to and ordered a handful of books on Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. The next day we sat down to look at the lapbook that I found. Well, my son has absolutely no interest in Ancient Greece. He has no interest in the lapbook. He wants to learn about the gods and goddesses. So okay, we need to change directions here a bit.

I got out one of the new books that I bought and we started reading about Cronus. Cronus was the lord of the universe. My son was all ears and wanted to hear more and more. Then I came to the part where Cronus ate his children. My son was so distressed. He couldn’t believe that anyone would eat his own children. He was done with the gods and goddesses.

The next day he decided that he still wanted to learn more about them so we went back to reading the book again. We read about how Rhea tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead of her last baby. My son was so happy when Metis gave Cronus the magic herbs that caused Cronus to spit out not only the rock that Rhea had given him but all five of the children as well. We’re still working on learning more about the gods and goddesses. But we’re taking it very slowly.

Oh and in case you’re interested, Zeus and Posideon are brothers.

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