Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reading For The Third Grade

What does your third grader read? My son doesn’t like to read. In fact he doesn’t really want any part of reading. He says he can’t read. But I’ve discovered that it’s not that he can’t. He is afraid he will make a mistake and someone will laugh at him. I have done everything I can think of to help him get interested in reading. Before he was even born I had an entire book case full of books for him. As he has gotten older I have added more and more books. We have finally started to give away the baby books because we just don’t have any more room for them. Well, all except the “Hug” Book. He don’t think he will ever get rid of this book. Daddy has read this book to him every night since we got off the airplane from Guatemala. Even if Daddy is out of town, he reads the book to him over the phone. It’s not hard to read. Basically it says, “Hug.” Repeatedly throughout the book. As the poor lost elephant goes by all the different animals with their babies, looking for his mother. Finally he sees her, “Mama” he cries. “BooBoo” is her reply. That’s it you have now heard all three words in the book. But my 8 year old still loves to hear this story read.

I read to my son on a regular basis. I encourage my husband to read to him every night. He loves Harry Potter. Even though this book is way above his reading ability, I read it to him. Currently Daddy is reading books about the Greek and Norse Gods and Goddesses to him. We are still struggling to find books that he can and will read to himself. I just ordered the Captain Underpants books for him. I’m hoping the grossness of the topic will capture his attention. I also just ordered the beginning series of Percy Jackson books to help with his new desire to learn about all of the gods and goddesses. I’m really hoping these will be the books that will stir up that tiny light of reading good books deep inside him.

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