Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Great Santa Claus Mystery

I was reading a blog yesterday about when to tell your children the truth about Santa Claus. I know that some people think that if you tell your children that there is a Santa Claus, a Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, you are lying to them. They believe that you should never lie to your children. Eventually they will find out the truth and they will hate you forever. I actually watched a tv program the other day where a little boy found out the truth about many things. You know, those silly things we tell our children when we know they are not true. “Don’t make that face, you will freeze that way.” Or maybe, “If you swallow that watermelon seed it will grow into a watermelon plant in your tummy.” He was quite devastated as he proved that each of these things were not true.

But for those of us who do tell our children about Santa, when do you tell them the truth. My son told me last year that he knew that there was not such thing as Santa. He knew that the presents came from Mom and Dad. We did not have to tell him anything. One of my friends said that she was telling her 8 year old this year. She does not want her school friends to tell her the truth. She wants to tell her herself. Another friend said that her child figured it out a long time ago, but has been playing along with the whole thing so the other kids in the family would not figure it out. It’s fun playing fantasy games. That’s what Santa is, a fantasy game. We all need a little fantasy in our lives.

So if your children believe in Santa, when are you going to tell them?

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