Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Set a flag out in front of your child and begin a discussion with them about the American Flag (or the flag of whatever country you live in). Ask them if they know what the flag stands for. Ask them where they might have seen the American flag flown. Write down their answers.

Give your child a stack of old magazines and newspapers and let them search for pictures or draw their own pictures of places they told you they have seen flags. Next, have your child write Our Flag at the top of a piece of red, white, or blue construction paper. Then let them arrange their pictures on the paper the way they want them to appear. Finally, let them glue the pictures on the paper. For an extra, encourage them to draw pictures of other flags they have seen.

For the next activity, have your child research the symbolism of flags. They may use the Internet (with your supervision), reference books, and books with pictures of flags… Supply them with miscellaneous craft materials, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, magazines, crayons or markers, scissors, scraps of paper and cloth, paints, and a large sheet of white paper, poster board, or cardstock … so they can create a U.S. flag collage.

For a final project, have your child design a personal flag. Tell them to sketch it first. Remind them to consider what kind of flag would best represent the kind of person they are, or want to be. They can create their own logo or emblem. They might want to use their initials, make a silhouette of them self, and use their favorite colors.

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