Monday, July 16, 2012

Games for Listening Skills

Games are a great way to learn and reinforce any skill. Use creative games and activities to teach children good listening skills. Here are a few games you and your child can play together.

Listening and Comprehension
Ask your child to complete straightforward tasks and provide basic directions. "Susan, please go to the pantry, get a can of tomato soup and give it to your brother." "Jacob, ask Linda if she has the glue; if she has the glue, ask her to give it to you." It may be necessary to repeat requests to ensure that your child is focused. These simple activities can teach children to listen, comprehend, respond, and react.

Word Clap
Sit with your child on the floor and read them a story that repeats a particular word many times. Instruct your child to clap every time they hear that particular word.

Draw a Picture
Explain to your child that they are to draw a picture according to your verbal instructions. For example, to draw a picture of a cat, you can begin by telling your child to draw a figure eight with two triangles at the top. Continue to give verbal instructions on how to draw the cat.

Actions and Sounds
Prepare an audio track that plays a variety of different sounds such as a car horn, a whistle, and a bell chime. Explain to your child that each sound is associated with an action. For example, when your child hears car horn he should jump. Decide on the actions before the game starts. Play the audio track and watch to see if your child performs the necessary actions.

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