Friday, August 17, 2012

Tracking Your Activities

Homeschooling families are usually involved in many extracurricular activities. These activities can include Boy or Girl Scouts, volunteering, playing a sport, taking musical instrument lessons, attending co-op school, taking art classes, and more. You may or may not be required to keep track of these activities by the homeschooling laws in your state, but you will probably need a log of your student's activities eventually.

*Here are a few ideas for tracking your child’s homeschooling activities:
*Use a notebook or spreadsheet to keep track of your child’s activities.
*Place the date on top of each entry. You will need to know exactly which day your child participated in her activities, in case you ever need to provide detailed information to the state or to a college. It will also help you easily organize your child's activities into weeks, months, and years.
*Note the time and duration of each activity. This will allow you to know when and how long your child participated in an activity. This is especially important in situations where a total number of hours are required. For example, if your state requires a certain number of hours for P.E.
*Record your child’s activities on a daily basis.

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