Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ugh. Math!

Math. Say it like either of my boys and it comes out a whiny maaaaaaath. Why do they hate it so? That’s probably our fault. From the time we started homeschooling, we ended up projecting the husband’s math anxiety onto the boys. Of course, we didn’t realize it at the time. But lemme tell you, projecting stuff like that is much easier than one would think.

Some of things we have found, that work for our family’s math needs?

Using an online math curriculum. Since they prefer everything on the computer, rather than in a textbook or workbook, has been the best thing we could do. We have done math worksheets before, but very rarely.

Outside of their online curriculum, both of my boys will play some math games online. There are free sites out there, like Learning Games for Kids, that offer tons of online learning games. And, they offer them for FREE.

Please share with us…what are some things that work for your kiddos when they need math help?

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