Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

Ideas for homeschooling through the holidays.

Just as there are many different styles of homeschooling methods, there are just as many varied ways that homeschooling families take on the holidays. Some families follow their school calendar, taking a break when the school system breaks. Some families don’t really take a break, opting instead to work through so they can take time off at another time.

Then you have families like mine. We technically school year round, breaking when we need/want. Usually, we break from Thanksgiving until after the New Year. Since we have family spread out, and enjoy doing things in the community, this works out well.

Having said that, we don’t do nothing over the holidays. We love learning about the holiday we celebrate, Christmas, but we also really enjoy learning about other holidays! Some ways that we do that are:

Make printable flashcards with words from different holiday word lists.

Discover holiday specific recipes that you can all make together. Cooking could really count as math, science and life skills. ;)

For your older kids, you could even have them do a short high school writing project on what their holiday means to them, and what they think is an important aspect of the celebrations.

What about you? How do you guys handle the holidays in your homeschool?

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