Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little Boys and All Things Gross

What is it about little boys and gross things? Well, I guess I should say big boys as well. My husband and my son are watching Dirty Jobs right now. And I’m watching them. It really is a pretty tame show tonight compared to what they usually show. Tonight they are repairing the pin setters in a bowling alley. Whoops I mean bowling lane. I found out that they don’t call them bowling alleys any more. They now are Bowling Lanes which you will find at a Family Fun Center. Like I said, the show tonight is pretty tame. Oh wait a minute, my son is now cracking up. Apparently there are five men hovering around the end of the machine that sets the pins. Mike Rowe, the star of the show, is inside the machine with his back side sticking out towards the faces of the other four men. Apparently his lunch did not agree with him. You can hear certain noises coming from inside the machine and suddenly the four men around the end of the machine are disappearing quite quickly. My son is cracking up at this. Little boys and gross things.

They just showed the previews for the next show. It looks like they will be digging out shark poop and testing the sand under it. Hum. Looks right up their alley. Yep, the dvr is already set to record it.

The two men in my household also love to watch Mythbusters. The wilder the show and the grosser the idea, the better they like it. Actually my son has learned a lot from watching programs like this.

I am depending on my son’s love of all things gross to help with his reading skills. He hates to read. He doesn’t want anything to do with reading. In fact, he hates reading so much that he doesn’t even want me to read to him very often. So I recently bought the Captain Underpants series of books for him. I am hoping that they will be gross enough that he will want to read them.

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